Friday, 21 September 2007

School Holidays are Finally Here

Oh, I tried to bore you with another personality test, but I couldn't get it to work. Anyway, the gist is, I'm lazy, I drink coffee, and my bedroom's a pigsty.

Breaking news:

The sock monster has had such success in our household, he has graduated to shoes.

The school holidays start tomorrow, yay. I will have some family staying, and then we will be staying with family. Be back sometime next week.

I have enrolled in a life drawing course, spur of the moment. Will keep you posted.

My boy had his first school concert last night, we were so proud, he was so terrified, but he did it. Aren't preps tiny? And they had such high little voices! I never really noticed before, he is the biggest kid here at home.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Fresh Meat

It has occurred to me that with this blogging thing I now have a fresh audience for all my stories, you know those ones you tell over and over, the standby party stories?

I did intend this blog to be mostly about knitting and spinning and stuff, but it just hasn't worked out that way so far. Anyway our camera has just broken, so I can't show you anything anyway. I have never made a new year resolution, never. I make up for it by making little mini resolutions to myself nearly everyday. My latest being, I will start doing more craft posts on my blog. But then the camera broke.

Anyway so, you may have noticed that while a few weeks ago I was grumpy and out of sorts, at the moment I'm happy and chatty and such. You (or at least husband) will be pleased to learn that I have just purchased some evening primrose oil tablets, which I am hoping may alleviate the mood swings. Actually what I have just experienced was I think pre-menstrual depression, quite different to ordinary PMS. I didn't even know it existed, but I have been looking at the Beyond Blue website, evidence enough that I was having more than just ordinary PMS. Anyway, I wasn't going to talk about that in this post, perhaps another day, if you are interested.

Anyway so, in the absence of a camera, I will now tell you a story, sorry Stomper, you've heard this one already. Too lazy to do links today but Stomper's post about some unwelcome guests reminded me of this one.

It was a few years ago, before I had children, and in between boyfriends that I lived two minutes from the pub. I spent many hours there, a kind of substitute lounge room, and a welcome escape from my house mate. I had a pool playing buddy, under whose tuition I could actually pot a ball occasionally, and who would often pop by the house to see if I was in the mood for a game of pool at the pub.

At this time it had been my misfortune to have received a visit from some unwelcome guests who took up residence in my hair. They were stubborn little blighters; having already survived two attempted evictions, I purchased a 'leave in all night' lotion.

I painstakingly applied the lotion ensuring every strand was covered. Just as I had emptied the final drop on to my head there was a knock at the door, it was my pool buddy.

"I can't possibly come to the pub tonight, look at my hair, I have to leave it in all night."

"No one will notice, come on."

"Are you kidding? I look like I've dunked my head in some kind of grease pit."

"Please? Come on, you look fine, really."

"Well, I guess it has stopped dripping, I'll just tie it back, you sure it looks OK?"

"You look fine."


It was 30 minutes later, while I was standing at the bar that I noticed a male admirer sidling ever closer. Not in the mood to attract attention I studiously tried to avoid eye contact. Not to be deterred, my admirer found his way to my side, (as close as he could get, what with me inching away feeling most uncomfortable) luckily for him the bar was crowded or he wouldn't have had a snowball's chance in hell of being within earshot, and then it came, the ultimate pickup line;

"You smell nice, kind of....medicinal."


Saturday, 15 September 2007

I'm a Sucker for a Personality Test

Well, this one was pretty good actually. It said I'm an artist, of course I liked it. Beats that stupid ink blot one that said I am obsessed with sex.

Hover the mouse over the colours for a sneak peak into my head.


Thursday, 13 September 2007

Shameless Bragging and a Finished Object!

When I first saw this picture I assumed husband drew it at Boy Monkey's request. I have had to draw many a toy car replica, anyway turns out Boy Monkey did it all by himself, while husband and I were sleeping in. Pretty damn good isn't it?
Notice anything odd about this picture? No, not that the beds aren't made.
See? No rungs on the bunk.
We had to remove the second (and final) rung three days ago, because my littlest Monkey who turned 21mths this week could still climb up, sans bottom rung. The three Monkeys all share a bedroom which can be quite a challenge at times, littlest Monkey getting into Boy Monkey's bed somewhat hinders the process of Boy Monkey getting to sleep.

Anyway, here's some craft. A finished object, yay! It is made from my homespun wool. Look at the buttons! See that lovely clean white wool? That is the same dirty brown stuff that was on my niddy noddy in this post.

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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Bad Blogger

Sorry guys, it's just my mother taught me if you haven't anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

Might take a while.

Give me a week, or two.