Sunday, 20 July 2008

Still Here

I'd been promising to make the girl monkeys one of these each for months, five days at my parents house in the school holidays finally gave me the opportunity, they chose the fabrics themselves from my mother's scraps. Turned out OK I think, my satin stitch is a bit tight on the nose, also for the hems I just turned up once and used zig zag, so I only had to stitch once. I'm lazy. I think it's fine for things like dolls clothes though. The other one has a red bow, and clothes in blue, white and a floral. She also has a mouth drawn with yellow highlighter.

Yet another birthday party to attend, so I tweaked the hello kitty pattern and made this:
It was one of those I can quickly whip this up before the party type affairs. I couldn't. We are still waiting for the opportunity to give her to the birthday girl.