Friday, 25 May 2007

7 Weird Things Meme

I've been tagged by me for the 7 weird things about me meme;

1. I have a thing for feet. I like looking at nice feet, just looking, no touching. I like feet to have nice arches. I can't stand touching feet, I won't give you a foot massage unless you leave your socks on. I don't like other people touching my feet.

2. I am easily spooked. When I come home at night and Husband is already in bed asleep I always touch his face to make sure it is him.

3. I like patchouli and sandalwood is my favourite, I don't think this is weird, but apparently most people don't like sandalwood and patchouli so I guess it must be. Expensive perfume smells like cats piss the moment it touches my skin, which is OK because it gives me hay fever and asthma anyway.

4. I'm a sensitive little flower, as a child I was a fainter. I have been asked on several occasions if I am on drugs, I'm not. I daydream, which apparently gives the impression that I am stoned.

5. Sometimes I forget to eat.

6. I have never had a 'real' job. I have tried studying graphic design, textiles, hairdressing and engineering. I have only had casual/part time jobs other than the hairdressing which was for one year and nearly killed me, literally. This was the year I discovered that that feeling of not being able to breathe I used to get in the change rooms at school (courtesy of Impulse deodorant spray) was asthma.

7. I can't knit lace.


Wednesday, 23 May 2007

What the ?? Born to clean???

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I always enjoy eavesdropping on Monkey 2 playing, as she provides a running commentary.
Here's a little gem from yesterday, "How much do you love me? I love you 5 o'clock. Oh, that's how much you love me."
I have quite often come running in to cries of "Mum, Mum, Mu-um..."
Only to be greeted with disgusted looks, "I'm not talking to YOU, I'm playing"

She made a hat for one of her dollies yesterday;
"Where is some paper Mum?"

This is a cardi I finished last year, I made it from somebody else's half finished garment I found in an op-shop, ripped it, anyway I don't wear this colour, this is a before shot for my first foray into dying with food colours. Actually my second, I didn't read the bit about it only working on protein fibres and tried to dye some cotton. (I am allergic to the dylon and rit cotton dyes.) Stay tuned for the after shot.

I had a captive audience while making pizza bases last night;
Yes, that IS a roll of toilet paper on our kitchen table, why is it there? I don't know. I have finished the skinny scarf, hope she likes it.

I got this Rowan magazine yesterday, lots of things I want to knit, including the design from the front cover. I want to use different yarn though, started a swatch, this is all wrong, but I think I have worked out what I was doing wrong, have to wait til tonight to try again. I haven't knitted lace before other than on the cardi shown above, which I don't know if you could really call lace. It's a bad photo, my yarn is 2ply baby alpaca, in dark green, the pattern uses kid silk haze, which is fuzzy and totally different, I suppose it won't work, but I'll give it a go. Any of you knitting geniuses out there have any suggestions?

Oh dear! looks like it's instant coffee for me today.
See that black stuff? That's not coffee, it's charcoal.

Oh my, forgot to put the child lock on the fridge....

That's it, rub it in, good girl.

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Monday, 21 May 2007

The Magic Word

Monkey 2 "I want jam and peanut butter"

"What's the magic word?"

Monkey 2 "Abracadabra"

I can hardly argue with that can I? Especially when she wants to be a witch when she grows up, she thinks that her skin is going to turn purple, because witches have purple skin, her brother told her, and she wants her little sister to be a witch with her because her sister loves her, she smacked her in the face but she still loves her.