Thursday, 23 August 2007


I was watching telly the other night, as I do most nights, knitting needles in hand. I do enjoy a bit of compass on a Sunday night. They had a forum type show on about happiness and one of the guests was the guy that wrote the book Affluenza, I have only read the reviews of the book being in a mostly non-reading stage of life, but it does sound like a good read.

Anyway, the show started and I was feeling a little tired, Author of Affluenza was talking along the lines of the misperception of happiness as being having the big house, fancy car, massive TV that sort of thing, the crazy pursuit of material possessions, etc.

It was at this point that I found myself saying to Husband, "I wish we had one of those fancy set top box thingos so we could record this and watch it later, because it looks really interesting but I'm tired and want to go to bed."

The irony was not lost on me.

Oh, and in case you are wondering we don't have a VCR as it broke and we didn't see the point in replacing it, our DVD player has also given up the ghost and it wasn't a recording one anyway, so that's why I couldn't record the programme.

Speaking of material affluence, my boy monkey is very materially orientated and was whinging all morning about some new lego set he wants. I told him he would have to wait for Christmas, and he'd better stop whinging or Santa wouldn't bring him anything.

"Santa can't see me."

So, in that annoying parent way, I started singing, "He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness' sake. You better watch out, you better not pout...."

Surprisingly, he listened patiently while I sang myself out, then said, "That song's just to make kids be good, it's not true. Santa can't see me, he lives on the other side of the world."

I have to admit I was quite pleased at his response. Good boy. I wonder when he's going to work out how Santa manages to come all that way from the other side of the world to give everyone gifts in just one night?

He has thought about it, but he sees the presents in the morning and that is evidence enough apparently. Unless he is keeping up the farce, in case it stops when we find out he knows. (As I did, when I was a child. I remember saying to my parents in the morning, "I saw Santa last night, he looks a bit like Dad" just to see how they would react. I also remember asking my Mum about where babies came from just to watch her squirm, not because I really had any interest in the answer.)

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Oh Dear!

I was just standing on the kitchen bench to put the blanket up, (we have a blanket rigged over our kitchen window in the absence of blinds, and because it is a very drafty window.) when my eye was drawn to the hideously dusty tops of the cupboards and the various things we have put up out of reach, then I noticed an envelope, it had Sydney Sexpo emblazoned across the top. Hmmm.

I opened it, it contained two signed photographs. One of a man, let's just call him Dick, posing with two topless women. In the other Dick is posing with a somewhat tubby somewhat hairy somewhat scary looking middle aged man. Only on the wall behind is a sign, for $30 you can get your photo taken with any star. Well I suppose the tubby man is a star, but not with his clothes on evidently; as well as his signature, he had written BIG with two arrows pointing to his and the other man's groin area. Funny.

I bet Dick's spewing he left those behind when he moved house.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Looking For Something a Little More Modern?

My first instinct when I look at this is to grab her head and wind her up. Those flaps are winders aren't they?

(Oh, and if anyone is interested, you can find this pattern in Metro issue two, published by Patons.)

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Look what Kirsty Gave me!

Kirsty at Two Lime Leaves, gave me this. I gratefully accept. I am especially thrilled with the comparison to David Lee Roth. Hee hee, I wish! Not! Well, maybe.

Anyway, I have to pass it on to five more rockin' girl bloggers.

Stompergirl- For getting me into this mess in the first place, and I think we all agree she is rockin'.
Fairlie- 'Cause I like her.
Aunty Evil- Have you seen the photo of the weird bug eggs on her blog? They are rockin' in my book. And she is not afraid to admit she snoops in bathroom cupboards. And the comments she leaves make me laugh.
Tanya- Because she has a solar oven she made out of cardboard boxes, and she cooks with it.
Meggie- Because as her SG knows, she is a lovely girl. And she is chock full of rockin' good tales.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Are You Man Enough?

Friday, 3 August 2007

The Wait is Over

I think the hair and makeup on "pink, white, blue-and pretty" alone was worth the wait. (I hope.)

And because you have all been so patient and understanding, here is a bonus quilt picture.
Technically it contains many quilting crimes, but I love it. My Grandmother made it and it is all stitched by hand from old clothes. It is a really crap photo, sorry.
The orange and yellow floral fabric is from a mini shift dress my mother used to wear many many years ago. The pink floral fabric I remember my Grandmother wearing. There is fabric from one of my best childhood dresses, I'm not sure if you can see it, but it is blue with sprays of flowers.
There are even some squares from my Grandpop's old shirts. (Step-Grandfather, my mother was always very quick to remind us, but that is another story.) I'm pretty sure Grandma made this after her sight started to go, so please forgive her the mismatched corners. My Mum did the binding and she is definitely not a quilter.

Thursday, 2 August 2007


Husband's nicked off with the camera again.

So here is a little teaser, some excerpts about the lovelies I have to show you.

"Pink, white, blue- and pretty"

"This striking bed head, set against a plain or cleverly toning decor, forms the focal point of the bedroom" - Yes, yes it does, but only just, the wall paper -almost- overpowers it.

and then there's the "fashionable tunic" that has been "designed with men in mind"

I also have a picture to show Tanya, because I think she will appreciate it;
"Plastic spoons take on a new look, interestingly arranged and backed up with a bold black stripe. Brightly painted beer mats, arranged flat and at angles to each other and egg boxes, painted in gay colours, make eyecatching collages"

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Crimes Against Craft Will Have to Wait

Sorry guys. Having batteries in the camera is one thing, finding it is quite another. I've already used up my standby pics last week, so maybe later today, maybe tomorrow.

edit- Mystery solved, just found out Husband took off with camera, so it will be tomorrow.