Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Wordless Wednesday


Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Love Thy Neighbour

There have been whispers going around that we are moving house, and it is true. It is sad because we will miss our neighbours, not the ones with the barking dog, these lovely ones. We will be moving just after Christmas. I hate moving. There is some good news though, we are moving back to our little house which we own, which means no more renting. Have I mentioned that we are renting?The silly season is upon us and I have been trying to avoid buying too much plastic rubbish for gifts. To this end I have been to The Reverse Art Truck, and bought a whole garbage bag full of actual rubbish. It's great! This kind of place is my idea of a good time, the tip shop is pretty good too. I got the idea from a clever friend of mine, the idea is to make up art boxes as gifts, filled with sticky backed foam shapes, shiny paper, sticky paper and that sort of thing.

I have also stolen the same friend's idea (told you she's clever) for adult Christmas gifts, and am going to screen print some tea towels using the children's hands as templates. Inspiration? This screen printing on the cheap tutorial, and this quilt by the talented Tanya. I was going to do the whole family of hands as chooks, but they won't fit on the tea towel, so it'll just be three little chooks. (Chook=Chicken.)

Moving on, a recent birthday party prompted me to have a go at a little girls dress, testing the waters, to see if I think I would really like to sew all day for a little money.

The fabric was in the cupboard already, it was meant to be for some clothes for a rag doll, but I hadn't got around to it for five years, so....
Pattern? Just some rectangles.

We still haven't put up a Christmas tree.