Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Tooth Fairy! You're Fired! (again)

I don't know what it is about the Tooth Fairy. She just doesn't like visiting our house. I can't understand it, night after night she forgets.

After the first tooth, it took her five days to remember, that's right FIVE days. Useless. The next tooth, she forgot again, several times.

Third tooth was her last chance. She failed, so we had to give her the sack and don't tell me under the circumstances you wouldn't have done the same. I graciously took up her duties, as the teeth continued to fall out, I coughed up the required gold coin there and then, on the spot, in the cold hard light of day. Good system, I thought.

Only it's much more exciting to get the coin under your pillow, or so I'm told.

So, we decided to give the Tooth Fairy one more go.

It's exactly seven days since the latest tooth fell out. SEVEN DAYS. Tooth Fairy still hasn't come. How can you forget for SEVEN days in a row? How? Again I say how?

Bad fairy.

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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Read as Much as You Like Between the Lines, You are Probably Right

Well, it turned out we moved before Christmas, not after. This was immediately followed by an in-law Christmas visit, and then actual Christmas spent at my parents house, a longish drive away. Not good timing for Monkeys. Monkeys were little nightmares. I got sick, stayed in bed for two days. I have never done that since I became a mother. Pity I was sick or I might have enjoyed it. Lucky I was at my Mum's house, and Husband looked after Monkeys.

Did I mention this was the 6th move in 6 years?

Oh yes, and I spent Christmas eve nit-combing the Monkey's hair.

I ended up having to do that last minute Christmas shopping thing at night at a shopping centre.

So, we didn't go camping after-all, as predicted by me it was crazy talk, the Monkeys were too unsettled.

So, Christmas is over, Thank God for that. We are back in our little house, and it's OK.

I have finally got my way over cutting the bunk in two. Just turned two is too little to be climbing up and down bunks. It took a skull fracture to get Husband to do the deed, but there you go. Now I am working on convincing Husband that a cubby house thats floor starts two metres from the ground is a very bad idea. Wish me luck, I need it.

The littlest Monkey is fine, she has a very sore head, the fracture didn't cause any other damage, and it hasn't moved, so no treatment is necessary. I just have to try and keep her from climbing too much, so she dosen't fall again. We are very, very lucky.

Oh, and I may be a little thin on the ground as far as blog posts go for the rest of January, but don't worry, I'll be back.