Saturday, 14 June 2008

A Little Bit of Nothing

Last year for our anniversary, my husband and I celebrated by going out for tea.

Our friend and his girlfriend baby sat for us.

As we pulled into the driveway, I noticed a cucumber lying in the foot well of the car. It had fallen out of the shopping bags earlier in the day. I was now faced with a dilemma, take the cucumber in, which might look pretty weird, or leave it in the car where I wouldn't be bothered to get it later and it would be rotten by the next day, as it was summer.

If I was to take the cucumber in, should I explain myself? Or would that just draw attention to it? I didn't want to be drawn into a potentially embarrassing conversation about why I might think it was unusual to be seen carrying in a cucumber on our wedding anniversary night. I could just imagine myself blushing bright red as I said, "It fell out of the shopping...."

So I decided to just take the cucumber in, which I did, and I tried to be inconspicuous and nonchalant about it, just casually placed it on the kitchen table like it was a normal thing to do. Did they see?

We would have been quite happy to sit and chat with our friends for a while before they went home, only shortly after the polite amount of conversation about whether or not the monkeys had given them any trouble, our friend said, "Well, we'd better go and let you get on with your celebrations...."

Was it my imagination or did he say that in a slightly pointed way? I badly wanted to explain the presence of the cucumber, and not that I care what other people do but it wasn't included in any further celebratory plans, only what if they hadn't noticed? What if that hadn't even occurred to them? So I let it go, and I still don't know.

I wonder what sort of night they had?